First training Day…

P1020048Many thousand sherds of Roman pottery were recovered during our excavations.  Over the years our busy group of regular volunteers have washed and marked every individual piece and we are now ready to take a closer look.  Jane Timby, our Roman pottery specialist, came and gave us a talk about what we can learn from these small fragments, such as how and where the pot was made, what type of vessel it came from, and how small pieces such as these can be used to date archaeological features.

P1020046We have a wide range of pottery types from our Marcham excavations and much of the everyday wares probably come from the nearby Oxfordshire pottery kilns, but we have some from much further afield.  Jane taught us how to identify the different types and we have begun to sort them into groups of finewares and coarsewares, and by their production method, type of clay used, decoration, and into bases, rims and body sherds.   By the end of the day we had our first bags of identified pottery sherds  – only several thousand more to go….