Volunteering on the Trendles Project

About ten years ago I took some youth groups to the then new dig on Trendles Field.  We started by field walking (even found a piece of Samian ware) and later progressed to looking for ‘finds’ in the spoil heaps.  From this initial start I turned my hand to pot washing for a number of years until family commitments and holidays took over.

After eleven years the project had to close owing to the sheer number of finds and records that were awaiting analysis.  Imagine my delight when I saw that the project had been granted a three year National Lottery Heritage Grant which would enable volunteers (including me) to analyse some of the finds.  Apparently there are so many aretefacts from this site, awaiting defining and recording, that they have divided the work into three groups, worked over two days, Tuesday and Thursday.  I am on the Tuesday Stratigraphy Group learning all about already recorded trenches and their cuts, fills, layers and finds, checking the readings and entering them onto a database.  I am learning a lot and working in a friendly environment with a group of people at all different levels of knowledge – some like me working from scratch.  I am really enjoying this return to archeology and am looking forward to learning more about pots and bones, which is the subject of the other two groups.

Margaret Willis