Roman Pottery Display and Talk with Trevor Greer

TG1On 11 February Trevor Greer, one of our regular Trendles volunteers, gave an excellent talk and handling session on his own collection of Roman pottery to the Tuesday volunteer group. This collection included many whole vessels, plus fragments from beautifully moulded dishes depicting hunting scenes and musicians and maritime scenes. As most of the pottery we identify on the Trendles project is in the form of broken sherds, it made a nice change to handle complete vessels and imagine how they might have been used in Roman times. Trevor has built up an extensive knowledge of Roman pottery overs the years and explained many features to our group, such as the use of the distinctive foot-shaped potters stamp on the red-slipped Arrentine wares. Many of the red-slipped and black-slipped ware from Roman North Africa and Italy were very similar to the Gaulish colour-coated wares we found on TG2our site at Marcham. His collection included a series of decorated pottery oil lamps, and he demonstrated the evolution of the lamps from the small finely-modelled early types to the larger and simpler late Roman and Byzantine types. A lamp depicting fighting gladiators and another showing a lioness were particularly striking. Trevor also showed us some amazing fragments of modelled applique designs that were originally attached to expensive serving dishes. The horse head applique was beautifully made. All we needed after this ‘show-and-tell’ session of some spectacular Roman table plates and vessels was some Roman delicacies and perhaps a bottle of Italian wine to complete the ancient dining-room experience!