Another Christmas at Trendles…

…where is the time going?  Our teams have now almost finished identifying the pottery and animal bone from the excavations and for the first few months of next year we will be busy preparing for our exhibition to be held at Abingdon Museum in the Spring.

But for now it’s time to relax into the Christmas period and we were very pleased to welcome William Wintle to the lovely old boardroom at Manor Farm where we held our Christmas party. Before we all tucked in to the Christmas goodies and Simon’s special Roman mulled wine (for the non-drivers!) William spoke to us about the research he has undertaken over several years in the fields surrounding our Roman temple and amphitheatre on Trendles Field.

Through his geophysics he showed us barrow cemeteries, field systems and settlements dating from the Bronze Age through to the Roman period.  These sites have disappeared above ground and many of William’s findings came as a surprise, even to those of our volunteers who live in the surrounding villages.  With so much archaeology in the area William didn’t have time to talk about the Roman villas, but he has promised to come back again next year to tell us more.

Interesting talk, good food and great company – it was a lovely way to end the year.